About Us

About Us

Managing Director’s Message

Since 1984, Caplan J-Presence Academy has utilized the first-class Japanese omotenashi practices employed by Japanese airlines to provide training programs to more than 6,000 major companies, including hotels, airport authorities and department stores.

ASEAN countries have made remarkable growth in recent years. Companies are now developing business growth
strategies in Thailand and ASEAN markets to further strengthen their position. As such, the need for talented employees with a global sense of both hospitality and communication has been increasing. The traditional Japanese omotenashi culture has attracted the attention of businesses worldwide.

Caplan corporation, with the cooperation of Central Group, established Caplan (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as our first overseas office . We offer business manner training from experienced Thai trainers formerly employed as Japan Airlines cabin attendants, as well as stratified training programs and language courses. Courses can be customized to suit business practices inThailand and other ASEAN countries.

The key to success in business is “human resources”. The improvement of each employee leads to individual motivation, a sense of belonging, and ultimately growth of the business. All companies should consider the development of human reources as central to their growth.

Caplan Thailand will support and stimulate your ongoing development with the most current, most professional training available, custom designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

Managing Director Yasunori Watabe

Company Profile

Company Name
Caplan (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Head office
98, Sathorn Square Office Tower, 26th Floor, Unit No. 2602-2604, North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
July 12th, 2016
Managing Director
Yasunori Watabe
Business Details
Human resource development (Business Manner, stratified training, and language training designed for business and the service industry)



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