Our Training Programs

Our Training Programs

Caplan provides and customizes many kinds of training programs to support continuous development of your business.

Professional instructors

Most of our Thai instructors are former Japan Airlines cabin attendants. We offer business communication training to many companies and our instructors are always highly evaluated.

Make "I know" into "I can"

Understanding and performing are different. Knowledge alone does not necessarily lead to improvement. Video is used in class to analyze performance objectively, strengthen good points and overcome weaknesses.

Aquire practical business manner skills

Our training sessions consist of 20% lecture content and 80% practical application. By exchanging comments during and after practice, participants can also learn from others and develop observation skills.

CAPLAN’s SYSTEM – Training & Consulting

Despite the training services, CAPLAN also provides training consulting where as we plan the annual training program for clients with all necessary information. This includes all skills for all levels.

Our Training Programs

Caplan provides both “In-house training” and “Open Courses”. We can design the ideal professional development training program based on your company mission, philosophy, and competencies. Implemented by the most appropriate instructors. We also provide regular open courses for individuals and companies.

1. Business Manner Trainings

We provide original, culturally appropriate courses based on the world-standard omotenashi spirit and manners of Japanese airlines to develop capable staff. Training improves both customer satisfaction (CS) and employee satisfaction (ES).

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2. Stratified Training for each management level

Required work performance differs depending on each business area and job type. According to Prof. Robert Katz, all managers require the following three skills:

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3. Language training

We offer language training specialized for business and the service industry.